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Trekking in Nepal best time of the year is a miraculous experience for a lifetime. Trekking in Nepal is one of the rewarding ways of exploring mysteries of Nepal. Naturally and culturally myriad land, Nepal is best known for holy giant mountain peaks including the top of the world Mt. Everest (8848m). The holy mountain peaks with snow-fed, unique culture and civilization of different ethnic groups, traditional settlements, picturesque landscapes and cascading waterfalls, suspension bridges, terraced fields, endangered species of flora and faunas are the major highlights of trekking in Nepal.

UNESCO World Heritage sites including National Parks and Conversational area in the trekking routes makes trekking in Nepal more rewarding and strikingly memorable.  The monasteries, temples, winding rivers and tranquil lakes, glaciers, avalanches are mesmerizing while trekking in Nepal.

While doing trekking in Nepal, we go trekking in the mountain in off the beaten track. Normally, trekkers are to work 4/5 -8 hours in a day. The trek, every day commences after breakfast. The food costs USD 5-10 excluding any types of drink.

Basically, there are two sorts of trekking popular among the trekkers across the world. These are Tea House Trekking and Camping Trekking. Tea House Trekking is mostly popular among the tourist these days. For Camping Trekking, one has to carry all required equipment by himself/herself. It is relatively hard and costly but rewarding for wildness trekking. On the contrary, Tea House trekking is convenient for the trekkers do not have to carry equipment except their personal belongings. They don’t have to spend the night in the tent, rather they have lodge or hotel for accommodation and trekkers can enjoy the food items whatever mentioned in the menu.

trekking in Nepal best time year mean of theBefore doing trekking in Nepal, the most frequent question is what is trekking in Nepal the best time of the year? The answer is very simple.It is between March- April and between September- Novembers. Let’s see what happens in Nepal in these two seasons so that these two times of the year are best times to trekking in Nepal. In the month of March and April, Nepal’s most of the hills in trekking routes are blanketed with flowering rhododendron and other flowering and non-flowering vegetation’s. It is very pleasant to trek in Nepal via deep and dense floras. Likewise, between Septembers – November, the temperature is mild in the mountain and there is not much snow in the trail. There is no rain and not much snowfall in the mountain. Trekking in Nepal is really rewarding between September- November.

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