Hiking in Nepal

“Mountains are somewhere too far………..commence your journey now and experience ecstasy.”

Nepal is a wonderful tourist destination for hiking and remarkable high mountain trekking, genuinely a hiker’s heaven. Basically, the heavenly blessed natural and cultural diversities and off the beaten trails into the lap of holy Himalayas lure the hikers around the globe. One interesting reality about Nepal hiking is that once the hikers make hiking trip in Nepal, they are bound to come back and they do.

Hiking in Nepal takes you to the countryside where the holy mountain will be waiting to welcome you. The thrills of witnessing snow-fed mountain panorama are just awesome. Hikers’ dreams while hiking in Nepal is to see mountain peaks and to have an experience of cultural and traditional insights.

Besides, the cultural, religious and historical heritages, age-long civilization, the natural waterfalls, winding rivers, unique and endangered species of flora and faunas, the green deep forest and hospitable ethnic groups in the mountain are major highlights while hiking in Nepal.

Nepal offers not only stereotypical hiking opportunities but also a variety of flavors of hiking according to the time frame and interest of the hikers. Hiking trips maybe like a day hiking and other hikes like 2-3 days and more than that like a week hiking. Hiking in Nepal, fundamentally, offers pleasure, the bliss of satisfaction, assimilation with different cultural backgrounds, an opportunity of experiencing wildlife, most important, mountains.