Nepal Information

Facts about Nepal

  • Located in south Asia between two giant nations: India and Nepal
  • Around 30 million people
  • 1, 47, 181 square km area
  • Three distinctive regions: Hill, Himal and Terai
  • Federal Democratic Republic and a landlocked country
  • Multicultural and multi-religious country
  • More than 100 ethnic groups
  • Kathmandu- the largest city and the capital
  • Mt. Everest (8848m), the highest peak not only in Nepal but in the world
  • Namaste- the most popular greeting
  • Native tongue- Nepali
  • Religion- Mainly Hinduism, other: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.
  • Major tourists’ destinations: Kathmandu city, Pokhara city, Chitwan, Nagarkot, Poonhill, Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp
  • Transportation: mainly, road ways and also some major cities like Pokhara and Chitwan are connected by domestic flights
  • Main food: Dal Bhat (Nepali Thali) veg or non veg


Nepalese people are known as brave Gorkhalis. They are friendly, helpful and sociable every time. Moreover, mountain people are more hospitable than the people living in modern cities. So, the tourist love to go to the mountain region of Nepal and they are found please to interact with local ethnic people during their trip.

 People from different religious and cultural background are living in Nepal. They respect each other’s culture and tradition. More than 100 ethnic groups can be identified in Nepal. However, they have a complete religious and cultural tolerance. Frankly speaking, Nepal has not gone through any religious and cultural violence so far in its history.

Similarly, Nepali people are hard-working. Many developed countries hire Nepalese manpower since they are sincere and dedicated to their assigned tasks. Even, people get tremendous help from Nepalese guide and porter during their trip in Nepal.

Accommodation and Meal

Accommodation in Nepal varies from normal home stay living –local lodges- star hotels. Home stays and local lodges for accommodation are popular in the Himalayas on trekking trails.

We get luxury accommodations in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Chitwan and Lumbini. But in mountain region of Nepal, we only get either homestays and local lodges or teahouses for overnight stays.

 In recent few years, the accommodation in the major trekking trails has been upgraded to satisfy the interest of the people. On the major trekking trails like Poonhill, Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, people can find some luxury accommodations too, but hardly. New and luxury hotels and restaurants are being built. Hopefully, in few years, we will enjoy luxury accommodations on major trekking trails in Nepal.

 All variety of meals can be experienced in major cities in Nepal but only certain local Nepali dishes in mountain region.

Culture and Religion

Nepal is culturally rich. More than 100 ethnic groups enjoy their own distinctive culture. They celebrate numerous chains of rituals, rites and ceremonies from birth to death. They are interesting to experience. Nepal also offers various cultural tours to global tourists. Exploration of Nepalese culture and civilization will be absolutely magnificent. Although, people have enjoy distinctive culture from one to another ethnic group, they is profound honor of each other’s culture at the same time.

Nepal is predominantly Hindu kingdom although its constitution has declared it as secular country. More than 80% people are the follower of Hinduism in Nepal. The rest of the people are the followers of Buddhism, Christianity and Muslim. According to the latest census: Hindu 81.3%, Buddhist 9%, Muslim 4.4%, Kirant 3.1%, Christian 1.4%, other 0.5%, and unspecified faiths 0.2% being practiced among the total population in Nepal.

Festivals in Nepal

Different ethnic people and the people from different religious background observe a chain of religious and traditional festivals all round the year. Although people celebrate the festival according to their root and religion, there are some major festivals which are observed across the country. Dashain and Tihar are two greatest festivals of Hindus. Besides, Holi, Shivaratri, Janai Purnima, Teej, Buddha Purnima, Chhat, Id and other minor festivals are celebrated in Nepal.

Although people observe various religious and traditional festivals in Nepal, people never had hatred from one ethnic people to other.

Entering Nepal

You can follow two ways to enter Nepal: Airways and roadways. The only to enter Nepal via airways is through Tribhuvan International airport or also called Kathmandu airport.

Direct Flights to Nepal

Name of Country





Thai Airways



Korean Air



Silk Air


Hong Kong

Dragon Air



Qatar Airways




United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways

United Arab Emirates


Air Arabia



Bahrain Air



GMG Airlines



Biman Bangladesh



Pakistan International Airlines



Druk Air



Jet Lite



Jet Airways


Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanashi

Indian Airlines



China Southern Airlines



China Eastern


Lhasa, Chengdu

Air China

Note: Recently, Nepal Airlines is not operating its flight.  

Apart from the above airlines, the following airlines are offering offline services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Austrian Airlines

Air France
British Airways

Air India Ltd
Cathay Pacific

China Airlines

East West Airlines


Eva Airways

Japan Airlines

Kuwait Airways

Modi Luft

Northwest Airways

Philipines Airlines

Qantas Airways

Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines

Singapore Airlines



Note: We would suggest you that if there is not any direct flight connection with your city or country to Nepal please contact to your local travel agent or you may directly contact to us for the assistance of flight connection information. Our traveler officer is always standby to help you.

Traveling by road/Entry Points

All foreign visitors entering Nepal by land must use these designated entry points and may not enter from any other point:

Nepal-India border

  • Kakarbhitta
  • Birgunj 
  • Belhiya,
  • Bhairahawa
  • Nepalgunj
  • Dhangadi  
  • Mahendra Nagar

Nepal-China border

• Kodari

Overland tourists entering the Kingdom with their vehicles must possess an international carnet.