Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a unique destination much suited for trekking as it is blessed with typical topography. Tourist experiencing Nepal without trekking means s/he missed the crux of the trip. The reason is that this is a land destined for trekking because it is a truly a Himalayan nation where there are 1,600 peaks including tallest tower of the world—Mount Everest 8,848m.

There are 14 peaks over 8,000m in the world out of which eight are in Nepal. Moreover, 33 peaks (technical and nontechnical peaks) are opened for climbing and probably, there is no country in the world where you can get varying options of trekking and peak climbing in the world except than Nepal. 
Nepal is also renowned for its vast cultural diversity. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in this small nation and more than 120 languages are spoken here. Every ethnic group has unique identity with typical culture and traditions. They have their own religion.

Similarly, 59 indigenous groups are found here and they have unique cultural identity. Due to this many scholars and researchers of the world had traveled here for their thesis paper of Philosophy in Doctorate (Ph. D.). 
If there is anything called natural wonder then that very thing exists in Nepal like Rara and Shey Phoksundo Lake as they change their color thrice a day. It is a land where the last group of Bon Po (a religion older than currently existing Buddhism but different than that) practitioners exists.
Trekking is the only way to experience Nepal because more than 80 percent of country’s population resides in the remote part. Here you witness true face of Nepal—innocent face.

Furthermore, among 100 trekking trails, you can choose the best fitting for you because trails here are categorized as per its difficulty from easy to very strenuous. Even beginners can experience the best trekking in Nepal and for experienced one, there is Mount Everest to challenge the ego.
The country is opening other new trails too like Khopra Trek, Mardi Himal and many more. The tailor based itinerary will make your trekking easy. The guides are experienced and trained who will be of your help throughout the trail. They are friendly people on who you can rely completely.
Similarly, there are various trails where you can spend a day to three months. Most of the trails are popular for its natural beauty like Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Base Camp, Upper Dolpo, Upper Mustang and many more.

The weather of the country is also favorable. You can trek here throughout the year but the best months are: March to May and September to November. Moreover, the blooming rhododendrons that turn the entire green hills into red and this is truly heart capturing. There is also trekking available here in monsoon. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo are its example as these areas are rain shaded and rain will make no effect to your trekking. 
Hence, due to all these facts Nepal is regarded as number one trekking destination of the world.

Dedicated to all the trekking lovers of the world
Greetings in completely Nepali style—Namaste:
Have you ever been to trekking? This might be a simple question because people these days are fond of traveling and trekking. But if I the twisted the same question little bit then it turns out to be a question of million dollars. Of course, USD.
Anyways have you ever experienced Annapurna Region Trek? If yes, then no need to explain and if no then please put this destination in your travel bucket list immediately. Why? Because it is not just trekking it is all about witnessing a piece of heaven on earth. Yes, it is indeed.
Annapurna Region is located in Nepal and the country is situated in South Asia. Many people across the globe travel year every year here to experience trekking and most of them trek to Annapurna region.

There are various trekking trails here and out of it the most popular are:

  • Annapurna Circuit Trek—23 days
  • Annapurna Circuit Express Trek—14 days
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek—13 days
  • Jomsom Trek—13 days
  • Ghorepani Poon-Hill Trek—09 days
  • Khopra Trek—14 days

Why do people prefer trekking here? Here below are the reasons and facts about it:

  • Annapurna is rated tenth highest mountain of the world—26,545ft
  • Mount Annapurna was summited in 1950. Maurice Herzon and Louis Lachenal were the first to conquer it.
  • The book wrote by Maurice Herzon regarding his Annapurna experience is the top selling book among expeditions. More than 11 million copies are sold so far.
  • Annapurna is a Sanskrit word which means Goddess of Harvests. Many rivers origin from the glaciers of Annapurna and they are responsible for fertile land and lush green vegetation. 
  • It is one of the toughest climbing mountains of the world. Only 130 people have climbed this mountain since 1950 and more than 53 had died in the course.
  • Two third of all Nepal visiting Trekkers choose Annapurna Region trekking.
  • The highest point of Annapunra Circuit is Thorong La Pass. It is at an altitude of 5,416m/17,769ft.
  • The Circuit—Annapurna Circuit—was opened for trekking to foreigners from 1970.
  • You get the view of different mountains in this trek like Annapurna I to IV, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail Mountain), Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Gangapurna and Tilicho Peak.

So, isn’t it a destination to go for trekking? Yes, it is.
The best thing about trekking in this region is that you do not need any type of special preparation. Just being fit enough is more than enough. Moreover, the tracks here are comparatively easier than other trekking trails of Nepal.
We suggest even family with kids to experience Ghorepani Poon-Hill Trek of Annapurna Region. It is really sweet and pleasing trek that will unfold the beauty of Mount Annapurna and Dhaulagiri at once. Many tourists visit here every year just to witness the sunrise. It is truly mesmerizing and heart capturing.
Moreover, you do not need to stress out while on this trek. There are many teahouses en route to Annapurna region trekking where you will spend night comfortably. They provide you with all necessary modern facilities including internet. Just be here and keep in touch with your friends and family members, live.
So why wait? Just fill up our form that is in the contact section of our website and inform us when you are travelling to Nepal. Rest is our responsibility. Hurry up! This is right time as rhododendrons are blooming red blanketing entire green hill reddish.
Remember it is time as nature is calling you. And this exactly the right time because who knows how this trekking trail will appear after some years because the entire world is being threatened by climate change and global warming.

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