Short and Easy Trekking

Trekking in Nepal is categorized into different grades based on the easiness or toughness of the trail while trekking. Normally, there are five types of such grades—easy, moderate, hard, strenuous and very strenuous. The trek that falls under the grade of easy are categorized as Easy Treks.

Generally, such treks are experienced in small time frame from a day to a week. Hence, it is called Short and Easy Treks.

Nepal has explored many such Short and Easy Treks so far. Such treks give you real glimpse of Nepal and its actual picture within small time frame. Shivapuri Trek, Nagarkot-Chisapani Trek, Dhampus Trek, Ghore-Pani Poon Hill Trek, and Chitlang Trek are just the few to mention.

Every person of any age group can experience Short and Easy Trek. Normally, Short and Easy Trek does not exceed the altitude above 3,300m. This type of trek has no risk of altitude sickness. In comparison to the treks of other grades, it is comfortable and refreshing