Terms and Conditions

All the enquiry that you make to us shall be treated secret. Your entire details will remain disclosed and not shared with anyone unless you permit.

Terms and Conditions for Payment

We request you to go through our all terms and conditions thoroughly especially, payment based conditions. Booking payment made by you ensures that you are agreed to our terms and conditions.

Booking Procedures

We request you to pay at least 30% (percent) advance at the time of booking. We do not take any additional charge for the cancellation of the trip but this advance payment is not refundable. You are entitled to pay remaining 70% (percent) in Kathmandu at our organization. Although we accept almost all modern means of payment, but for your benefit we request you pay cash. Paying through card might render additional charge (all the charge) and you have to bear it.

Cancellation and Refund

  • You can cancel the trip before 30 days of the trip and no additional charged will be levied but the advance amount will not be refunded.
  • Cancelling the trip before 20 days of your departure to Nepal will cost you 30 per cent of the package
  • Cancelling the trip before 15 days of your departure to Nepal will cost you 30 per cent of the package.
  • Similarly, we will charge 70 per cent for cancelling the before a week to scheduled package
  • You are obliged to pay 100 per cent cancellation charge for cancelling the trip in the time frame less than a week to scheduled package

We suggest you to postpone the trip rather than cancelling it. This will save your money. You can postpone it for another six months from the first booking date.

Cancellation of Trip from Company’s Side

This is a rare case but if the company cancels due to sudden reason, then we will refund you total booking amount.

Passport and Visa

Bring your valid passport with two passport size photographs while coming to Nepal. The passport should have at least three months validity from return date. Most of the tourists from the US, Canada, EU, Oceana region and many other developed countries get on arrival visa in Nepal. You are entitled to pay visa charge at airport.


We request our guests to come Nepal with all types of necessary insurance because the medical insurance will benefit you a lot if you get sick while in trekking. The insurance should cover the policy properly according to the altitude of trekking destination. Do not forget to submit insurance policy document to us before going for the trekking. Similarly, we also request you to submit a copy of passport.