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In recent few years, there is a practice of professional trekking guide in Nepal. Previously, this was a terrible problem. Whoever wanted could be a trekking guide and could take the clients to the mountain area without a license. But these days, the government of Nepal has strictly implemented a provision not to allow the guide to lead the group in the mountain without attaining the trekking license. The NATHAM and NTB award three different categories of trekking guides in Nepal. They are A Grade, B Grade and C Grade trekking guide. Mostly, the renowned trekking companies hire A Grade Trekking guides. But it doesn’t mean those other grades like B Grade and C Grade are useless and having no knowledge at all. There is no vast difference among the guides with different grades but makes a difference.

Advantages of accompanying with professional trekking guide:

-Imparts best possible knowledge about local culture

Professional trekking guide imparts the best possible knowledge about local culture. They are trained with local culture, tradition and civilization during their training period. The prime focus on the trip is safety and luxury. Both is enhanced in the best possible way by a professional guide. It is true that a particular trip is not successful and memorable without a professional guide. So, a professional trekking guide is a must during your trip in the Himalayas.

-Proper directives for your trip

We will get the right directives or instructions for our trekking if we get an opportunity of accompanying with a professional trekking guide. What to bring with us, how to move in weather extremes, how to respect and deal with local culture and people, what will be the distance to pass in a day, the elevation, facilities, prevention, pacing, acclimatization, what to eat and not to eat, how to cope with the complications are well instructed by a professional trekking guide during your trekking in the mountain.

-Proper take care

Hiring a professional trekking guide will definitely make you feel relaxed with proper take care. The experienced and professional one knows how to take care the clients, how to behave, how to warn and suggest, and tries his/her best taking a good care of each individual member of the team. Yes, people, sometimes, complain that the guide could not reach and address each individual problem of the client. This is because of the unprofessional and less experienced trekking guide. Consequently, the entire trip will be like what we didn’t expect, nasty.

-Prompt and proper arrangement of food, staff and accommodation

Many trekkers are found complaining on the improper arrangement of accommodation, food and staff or crew during their trip in the Himalayas. If a trekking company employs a professional trekking guide, of course, he will arrange the best possible accommodation, staff and food for his clients. The clients will feel more relaxed and comfortable if the proper accommodation and food is arranged rightly. So, the clients have a common question “is your guide professional and experienced?”.Most of trekking regions like Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit Trekking and Langtang Region

-Proper risk management during your trek/trip

The experienced and professional trekking guide can manage the risks during your trek. You, sometimes, may get altitude sickness and other problems. If you are accompanying with a professional trekking guide, he/she can rescue from dangers that you encounter during your trek in the mountain. Even a very minor problem can cause a big loss in the mountain. So, to prevent and to lessen the risks factors, we need a professional trekking guide.

Thus, find the right person who is licensed and professional for your Nepal Trekking and make your particular Nepal Trek a memorable and relaxed. Finding professional trekking is also sometimes, a hard task.

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