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We experience different four climatic seasons in Nepal: Autumn (Sept-Nov), Winter ( Dec-Feb), Spring ( March-May) and Summer ( June- Aug). Autumn is pleasant and magnificent. We have perfect weather for trekking and hiking in Nepal during autumn. The mountain views are astonishing. Spring is hotter than autumn. We sometimes have rainfall too. But, the flowering rhododendron will be captivating along with the trekking and hiking trails during spring. This season is considered as the second-best trekking season in Nepal after autumn. Summer is hot and has heavy rainfall. The landslides and heavy rainfall disturbs people travelling from one to other places. Thus, summer is the least preferred season for Manaslu Circuit trekking in Nepal. Winter has heavy snowfall in the mountain. The trails are blocked and it is very complicated to travel. Even sometimes, people lose their lives due to avalanches and terrible snowfall in the mountain.

Manaslu Trekking

Among various trekking trails in Nepal, Manaslu Trekking is popular among the trekkers who love adventure in a remote and restricted area in Nepal witnessing breathtaking Mt. Manaslu (8163m), one of the highest mountains above eight thousand meters.

People make an intensive search about Manaslu trekking trail, food, accommodation, preparation, prior experience and weather condition. Here, we would like to share significant information about Manaslu Trekking weather in this article.

Majority of people choose to do Manaslu Trekking during autumn. Since autumn is the best season to make any kind of trip in Nepal, we find perfect weather and visibility during autumn. The sky is clear. The temperature is mild. The temperature during autumn ranges between 4-16 degree C.  We do not encounter with any snowfall during autumn. Pack up the right gear and make your Manaslu Trek comfortable and safe. If anybody is going Nepal for Manaslu Trekking, we strongly recommend to do it during Autumn.

Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Trekking begins from Sotikhola after we pass Arughat Bazar. To connect Sotikhola from Kathmandu, we need to use mountain rough road which is not concrete. These mountain roads are shut down due to heavy rainfall and landslides during summer. Even, summer is hot and we will face unexpected rainfall during the trip. Thus, it is not possible to do Manaslu Trekking during summer. If it seems possible sometimes during summer, it is very risky. The temperature during winter ranges between 5- 22 degrees C.

Manaslu Trekking During the Winter

The weather really doesn’t support us for Manaslu Trekking during winter. Mountain trail receives heavy snowfall. In the case of Manaslu Trekking, Trekkers can not go above Dharmasala. And this is the truth that if we receive heavy snowfall at Dharmasala, we can not do Larkya La Pass (5125m). It means we should not challenge to go up. We should give up and get back from there. The temperature during winter rages between -10- 10 degrees C.

More or less, spring also creates good weather for the trekkers who love to do Manaslu Trekking. But, even Spring is not a good season for Manaslu trekking. We can experience lush vegetations including rhododendron but the temperature is hot. The temperature during spring ranges between 6- 18 degree C. Even sometimes, we will encounter with heavy rainfall on the trail.

We need to be very watchful about weather condition during our Around Manaslu Trekking because there may occur a sudden change in the weather in the mountain region. We need to be well prepared to cope with the weather extremes during our trip. The strong wind, the heavy rainfall and snowfall, avalanches and sometimes altitude sickness too, sometimes, really trouble the trekkers in the Himalayas.

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