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Have you experienced restricted area trekking in Nepal? Manaslu Trekking is one of them. This less beaten trekking trail will let you be in the true wilderness in a remote area of Nepal which borders to Tibet.

Mt. Manaslu (8163m), one of the eighth highest mountains in the world, Annapurna range and other alluring peaks on Tibetan side are dominant mountain views on Manaslu Trekking. Lower Manaslu Trekking, Manaslu Circuit Trekking and Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking are popular trekking trails in Manaslu region.

Manaslu Trekking begins from Sotikhola after take a long drive from Kathmandu for more than 9 hours. Mostly, we have a drive along the country road which is not good enough. During the rainy season, the road is shut due to landslides and heavy rain. So, it is not possible to do Manaslu Trekking during summer. Actually, the road is under construction, hopefully, we will be able to do our Manaslu Trekking during monsoon from next year. And the trekking ends at Besisahar.

We require obtaining special area trekking permit to enter into Manaslu region. This special area trekking permit details as follow:

Manaslu Circuit Permit Cost

 September - November US$70/per person/Week (for a week or 7 days) US$10/per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7 days) December - August US$50 per person/Week (for a week) US$ 7 per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7days)

Best Time to go Manaslu Circuit Trek

The best time to trek in the Manaslu region is between Sept- Nov which is autumn in Nepal. The weather is perfect to walk in the mountain. The views are astonishing. The temperature is mild. We do not have rain during autumn. The rain has just gone. The atmosphere is pleasant.

The accommodation during the trek is very ordinary. The rooms are normally twin sharing basis and the bathrooms are outside and shared. At Dharmasala, we need to consider about accommodation because there is only one traditional travellers’ inn which is actually not a lodge. For Manaslu Trekking, we recommend you to bring your own sleeping bag. Do not expect to enjoy luxury accommodation during your Manaslu Trek.

Which food you will get in Manaslu Trek in Nepal

We do not get all the items of food we like to enjoy during our Manaslu Trek. The most common food items we get during Manaslu trek are bread items, noodles, Nepali Dal Bhat with curry and chicken, dumpling, potatoes etc. During peak season (autumn), you may have to wait longer hours to have the food item your order. In order to kill immediate hunger, we recommend you bring your own light snacks.

Since the Manaslu trekking route is in the borderline between Nepal and Tibet, we experience some significant insights of Tibetan culture and civilization. The Tibetan plateaus, mountain summits, classical trade route are important to see.

How to Prepare for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Prepare the right trekking gear, do some short hiking or trekking prior to Manasu trek, do regular exercise and get your health checked up, choose a reliable trekking company and professional guide, find the right season to trek to Manaslu region and make your trip a memorable for the lifetime.

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