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Are you curious to know how difficulty Manaslu Trek is? Before knowing how difficulty Manaslu trek is, we need to know what different itineraries Manaslu region offers to the trekkers.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu region trekking offers mainly 4 different types of itineraries such as Manaslu Base Camp Trekking, Manaslu Circuit Trekking, Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking and Lower Manaslu Trekking.

Lower Manaslu Trekking takes us to historical place, Gorkha Palace. Gorkha Palace itself is a popular mountain viewpoint in Manaslu region in Gorkha district. This palace located a top hill offers us stunning views of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal.

This Lower Manaslu Trekking is an easy trekking in Nepal. The beginners, first, try Lower Manasu trekking beforehand venturing for other challenging trekking in Nepal or in Manalsu region.

Gorkha Palace is located at 1210m above the sea level which is easy to climb up. There are around 1700 stone steps to climb from Gorkha Durbar to get to Gorkha Palace from where great king Prithvi Narayan Shah began the unification of Nepal.

Manaslu Trekking is getting its popularity as it is a virgin and unexplored trekking trail in Nepal. The true wilderness and less beaten trails offer the experience of a lifetime.

Manaslu trekking, either Manaslu Base Camp Trekking or Manaslu Circuit Trekking or Manaslu-Tsum Valley Trekking is adventure trekking in Nepal. Manaslu trekking offers us one of the finest adventures of the lifetime. The rugged trails, classical settlements, lush forest, friendly ethnic people, unspoiled tradition of the people, mountain peaks in both Nepal and Tibet sides, holy caves and monasteries,  and dialects are the prime highlights of Manaslu trekking.

The trekking below 4000 m is considered to be an easy trekking. But, Manaslu trekking, except lower Manaslu trekking, takes us up to 5215m. Larkya La Pass 5106m is the highest point of Manaslu trekking which is one of the highest passes of the world.

We will encounter with massive snowfall if we trek between mid of January to Mid of February. So, we recommend you to make your trip between Sep to the beginning of the Nov. During this time, there is not much snow and the weather is perfect. The visibility is astonishing to capture mountain panorama.

If we encounter with snow at Dharmasala, it is supposed that we cannot go higher to Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Pass.

What should we do prior to the trekking if Manaslu trekking is challenging?

Prior trekking or hiking experiences is highly recommended for Manalsu Trekking because we are going above 5 thousand meter high. If we do not maintain proper fitness and level of stamina, we may encounter obstacles during our Manaslu trek.

Simply, do the following if you choose to do Manaslu Trekking:

  • Do some easy hiking nearby by Kathmandu to enhance the level of your stamina ( hiking like Shivapuri Hiking, Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking or Nagarjun Hiking)
  • Pack up the right trekking gear
  • Be mentally determined and confident
  • If you have serious health issues, visit the doctor and fix it before heading to the trailhead
  • Prepare a first aid kit
  • Book your Manaslu trek thorough a reliable trekking company and accompany with the right crew

Sometimes, trekkers get altitude sickness during their Manalsu trekking. This is not the case in every Manaslu trekking. Trekkers, sometimes, ignore their health like they smoke and drink a lot in higher elevation, they do not have plenty of hot drinks and water, and also having local meat sometimes cause some serious health problems in the mountain. So, it is better to avoid local meat and also avoid smoking and drinking in higher elevation like above 4000 m.

Adventure enthusiasts love to do Manaslu trekking. If you love to challenge the challenge, why not going with Manalsu Circuit trekking to experience the adventure of the lifetime?

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