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Manaslu Trek is regarded as one of the destinations to travel in a lifetime by wayfarers. The Manaslu is renowned for treasuring some of the essences of ancient culture and tradition along with the unmatched natural beauty of countryside Nepal.

In the pursuit of ecstasy, many travelers have been trekking in this part of the world since long time back. Toshio Imanishi, a Japanese, and Norbu Gyalzen Sherpa of Nepal were the first to scale Mount Manaslu one of the eight-thousanders of Nepal in 1956. There is a total of 14 mountains which are above the 8,000m height of which eight are located in Nepal.

Manaslu Trek was opened lately for hiking by the government of Nepal, in 1991. In order to preserve its unique culture and tradition, the government has listed this region in the Restricted area where you require a special permit for trekking.

The site unfolds more than 10 peaks of above 6,500m of which Mount Manaslu is the tallest one towering at 8,163m from sea level.

Nepal is famous for natural beauty and Manaslu regionis one of the natural decorative pieces in the garland of its beauty. Actually,  Trekking in this region offers you a chance to get closer to nature where you breathe purity and relax in the companion of innocent people who reside in this peaceful piece of paradise.

Most importantly, the magnificent view of mountains, flora and fauna, water cascades and suspension bridges along with ancient chortens and gompa make Manaslu trekking memorable experience of life.

The fascinating local culture will attract you very much. The site is boarders Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Due to this reason, here you will witness Tibetan culture. People here follow Tibetan Buddhism and some of the people here follow Bon Po.

Bon Po is one of the oldest religions of the world and is somewhat similar to currently existing Buddhism. The major difference between these two religions is in principle. Bon Po believes that everything existing in this world has spirit whether it be living or non-living beings.

Majority of the people here are farmers. They, still, rely on traditional based farming. Some of them are traders who trade with Tibet.

People, mostly,  in this part of the world are simple and warm-hearted. They welcome you in a unique way as per their culture and tradition.  Besides, they celebrate different types of festivals. Lhosar, Dhachyang, Saka Dawa, and Fanning are some of their main festivals. Such festivals are quite interesting for the people like you who have not seen such typical tradition elsewhere in the world. Among these celebrations,  Dancing and singing are the major sources of entertainment here.

Here, you also get an opportunity to taste tea and coffee with a unique flavor which has Tibetan butter. Besides liquor is massive. Here in almost every occasion. They even use it at worshipping.

Well, apart from all this, Manaslu region is something more than reading. It is better to experience than reading. So, when are you planning for Manaslu Trek?

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