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What is Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal famous for? Why Manaslu Circuit in Nepal?  are the most frequently asked questions by the trekkers who want to make Manaslu Trek. Wilderness trek in Nepal, remote and restricted area trekking in Nepal, adventure trekking in Nepal, less crowded trekking trail in Nepal best describe Manaslu Circuit Trek. For which, trekkers are attracted to do Manaslu trek in Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is getting its popularity among the adventure lovers as Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek. People started loving trekking to less crowded areas of the world and people found Manaslu Circuit Trek as one of the best. In fact, people who have trekked other regions in Nepal want Manaslu Circuit Trek for their next holiday trek in Nepal. And even those who have made their Manalsu Circuit Trek prefer it Again because once is not enough.

 Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlights:-

  • Exploring the Budhi Gandaki river valley
  • Start the trek through tropical green hills covered with pine and oak forests
  • Crossing Larkya La over 5,215 m
  • Experience the unspoiled typical Nepalese and Tibetan mix culture
  • Diversified untouched ecosystems
  • Scenic drive to Sotikhola from Kathmandu
  • Majestic mountain views including Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna and other alluring peaks on Tibetan side

Where do we begin and end Manaslu Circuit Trek?

To begin Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal, we have to take a drive for 7-8 hours from Kathmandu to Sotikhola. Sotikhola is the beginning point of Manaslu Circuit Trekking. We have two options for getting Machhakhola: public bus ride and jeep ride. We get a bus or jeep from Machhapokhari, near new bus park, Kathmandu. The road from Dhading Besi to Arughat has been improved and there will not be any problems on the transportation right now. For the details, you can also see Sotikhola/ Machhakhola Jepp/ Bus Ride. We end our Manaslu Circuit Trek at Besisahar and take another drive to Kathmandu.

What is the best time of the year for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Among four climatic seasons in Nepal Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer), Autumn is the best time of the year for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Autumn covers Sep-Nov of the year. We can enjoy the finest climate of the year in autumn while trekking on Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trail in Nepal. We will wonder to experience the most pleasant atmosphere of the year during autumn in Nepal. The magnificent mountain vistas with spotlessly clear sky hypnotize us. Even the temperature is mild which make our Manaslu Circuit Trek more convenient during autumn.

However, some trekkers, secondly, go with spring because they love a pleasant atmosphere with greenery on the trekking trails. The flowering rhododendron on the trail, waterfalls and snow-fed mountain peaks in the horizon make Manaslu Circuit Trek more mesmerizing during the spring season in Nepal.

How will be food and accommodation for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Since Manaslu region trekking is a remote and restricted area trekking, we do not get such luxury accommodation on Manaslu Circuit Trekking trail. We use very ordinary accommodation during the trek. Our accommodations will be at lodges or teahouses. These teahouses and lodges are run by the local people. Dharmasala, where we have to spend one night at classical traveller’s rest like an old inn, provides an opportunity to experience a true rural accommodation in the Manaslu region. So, for Manaslu Circuit Trek, we need to pack up a reliable and warm sleeping bag. We will get the menu where we stay and certain items of food are mentioned in it. There will not be a variety of items of food as in the modern luxury restaurants in the city. We have to pick the item of food we like. One item of food costs between USD 3-8 depending on where and what you eat.

How difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered as an adventure trekking in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek takes us one the most remote and wild Himalayan kingdom bordering to Tibet above 5000m from the sea level. Trekking above 5000m into the wild Himalayas is considered to be adventurous and challenging.

Moreover, we need to cross Larkya La Pass (5,106m), one of the highest passes of the world in Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal which is challenging to the trekkers. There is also a possibility of altitude sickness on the trail when you ascend up to 5000m. If you have any health issues on the mountain, your Manaslu Circuit trek will be more challenging. So, a high level of stamina and confidence is required for Manaslu Circuit trek.

Before Manaslu Circuit Trek:-

  • Do some short hiking and trekking
  • Purchase and pack up the right and reliable trekking gear
  • Find the right time of the year
  • Take professional guide and porter
  • Address health issues   if any)

Final Say

If you are really seeking for adventure and less crowded trekking trail in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek will the perfect choice for you. But for this, you require a fine preparation and high level of stamina and confidence. Venture on the trail, ready to face the challenges and make your Manaslu Circuit Trek an adventure for the lifetime.

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