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Manaslu Circuit trek distance is determined by a few indicators like how long hours we need to trek in a day? What is the distance between Sotikhola or Machhakhola to Larkya La pass and Besisahar. What is the distance between Kathmandu to Sotikhola? If one is able to find the correct facts of these questions, he/she will get the exact Manasalu Trek distance.

In fact, Manaslu Trek is a less crowded and restricted area trekking in Nepal. Manaslu circuit Trek is trekking into a core wilderness where you are taken miles away from the bustling city life. This trekking offers an opportunity to assimilate you with nature and adventure. Solo travellers are not permitted to enter into Manaslu region. You require at least two people for your Manaslu trek. We also require obtaining a special area permit for our Manaslu trek.

Now, let’s go to find some facts about Manaslu Trek Distance.

How long is Manaslu trek?

Manaslu circuit trek distance, we first need to take a drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola or Machhakhola. We drive along Prithvi Highway till we get Malekhu Bazar. By crossing a bridge over Trishuli river, we drive for half an hour and arrive at Dhading Bensi. Recently, the road from Dhading Bensi to Arughat Bazar and Sotikhola is smooth. One can even make his/her Manaslu Trek during summer when there is heavy rainfall. The total distance we cross from Kathmandu to Sotikhola/Machhakhola is 138 km which is 80 miles. Passing Dharamsala and Larkya La, we end our Manaslu Trek at Besisahar. In this round trip, we cross a total 177km distance.

How many miles is the Manaslu Circuit?

Starting from Kathmandu, we end our Manaslu Circuit Trek at Besisahar. The total distance we cover in a mile is 110. This distance also includes the bus or jeep drive to Sotikhola/Machhakhola from Kathmandu. In average, we walk 7 miles a day. Sometimes, the trail gets steeper and need to work longer hours and sometimes less.

 How difficult is Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu Trek is considered as an adventure trekking in Nepal. It takes us above 5000m. Trekking above 5000m is taken as strenuous trekking as universal norms. We also need to cross Larkya La Pass (5160m), which is one of the highest passes of the world. Sometimes, the weather becomes wild to us and have an encounter with weather extremes. For our successful Manaslu, we require to make a good preparation with some prior trekking or hiking skills and the right gear. Regular exercises like jogging and aerobics will help you to enhance your stamina for your Manaslu Trek. So do not take your Manaslu Trek as easy trekking. We must prepare well with proper and reliable trekking gear. Manaslu Trekking is not, actually, for the beginners.

How deadly is Manaslu?

Frankly speaking, we do not like to call Manaslu circuit trek a deadly trek in Nepal. However, it is never easy again. Get ready to venture into the wild nature accompanying with majestic mountain panorama. Sometimes, especially during winter, we will encounter with avalanches and heavy snowfall. So, we do not recommend to make your Manaslu trek during winter (Dec-Feb). We get snow from Dharmasala which indicates our Manaslu trek is going to be more challenging.

How high is Manaslu?

Mt. Manaslu (8,163m/26781ft) is the world’s eighth highest mountain. It is a part of Mansiri Himalayan range. Along with Manaslu, we can witness other alluring peaks like Ganesh Himal and Annapurna mountain range. Mt. Manaslu is located at the borderline between China and Nepal so that one can experience dialects in Manaslu trek.

Best time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Are you wondering to know what is the best time of the year for Manaslu Circuit trek? Autumn is the best time of the year for Manaslu trekking. Autumn in Nepal lasts for three months Sept-Nov. The whole country is in a festive mood during autumn.  We have the finest weather of the year. The trekkers feel very comfortable to go here and there. Even in the mountain or Himalayas, trekkers do not encounter with any obstacles like snowfall, avalanches, rainfall etc. The pleasant and serene atmosphere makes our Manaslu trek more fascinating during autumn. So, we suggest you to make your Manaslu trek in Autumn since it is the best time of the year in Nepal.

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