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Langtang Gosainkunda is more popular as cultural and religious trekking than trekking into the core nature. But it doesn’t mean that exploration of nature is not much fascinating. It is equally amazing to explore the natural blessing of Langtang- Gosainkunda.

We have two distinct highlights of Langtang Gosainkunda Trek. The first one is mesmerizing Langtang Valley and the other is holy Gosainkunda lake.

Sometimes, people undertake Langtang trek and Gosainkunda trek in the same schedule and some want it separately. Langtang Valley Trek begins from Syabrubesi whereas Gosainkunda Trek commences from Dhunche after a 7-8 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Langtang Valley Trek is a moderate trek in Langtang region. Trekking via Langtang National Park experiencing endangered species of flora and fauna, we finally get to Langtang Valley. On the trail, we also celebrate beautiful meadows, crystal clear river and Traditional Tamang settlements and they are rich cultural and religious heritage.

Langtang Valley Trek can be accomplished in a week. Langtang Valley Trek 7 days is the most suitable, convenient and popular trekking itinerary for this trek. We do not separate the days for acclimatization for this trek.

Langtang Valley Trek can be accomplished in a week. Langtang Valley Trek 7 days is the most suitable, convenient and popular trekking itinerary for this trek. We do not separate the days for acclimatization for this trek.

Why Langtang- Gosainkunda Trek?

  • Experience of a Scenic drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi
  • Celebrate Spectacular trek via the lush forest and high green pastures
  • Enjoy Rhythmic Langtang River and natural waterfalls
  • Visit sacred monasteries, interact with local Tamang people, be delighted with colourful prayer flags and holy man
  • Visit local organic cheese factories
  • Experience mesmerizing Langtang Valley encircled by snow-fed mountain peaks include Langtang and Lirung along with some mighty glaciers
  • Diverse species of flora and fauna in Langtang National Park
  • Visit holy Gosainkunda, a popular Hindu pilgrimage site in Langtang region
  • Be blessed with mountain god Shiva and have a holy bath at the lake

Langtang Valley Trek 7 days Itinerary

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Drive From Kathmandu to Syafrubesi (1,550m/5,100ft):7-8 hours

Day 02: Trek from Syafrubesi to Lama Hotel (2,380m/7,830ft):6 hours

Day 03: Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang Valley (3,430m, 10500ft):6 hours)

Day 04: Trek from Langtang Valley to Kyanjing Gompa (Old monasteries)(3,870m/12,697ft):4-5 hours

Day 05: Trek from Kyanjing Gompa to Lama Hotel:6-7 hours

Day 06: Lama Hotel to Syafrubesi:4-5 hours

Day 07: Drive to Kathmandu:7-8 hours

We also can complete Langtang Valley Trek in 5 days. Langtang Valley Trek 5 day’s itinerary is for those who really have a busy schedule and can not afford all week for this trek and also have good level stamina of trekking more than 7 hours in a day. Actually, this itinerary is not for children and for elderly people.

Langtang Valley Trek 5 days Itinerary

Short Itinerary

01: Drive From Kathmandu to Syafrubesi (1,550m/5,100ft):6-7 hours

02: Trek from Syafrubesi to Riverside (2,710m/7,830ft):7-8 hours

03: Trek from Riverside to Kyanjing Gompa (Old   monasteries) (3,870m/12,697ft):7-8 hours

04: Trek from Kyanjing Gompa to Bamboo (1970/6304ft): 7-8 hours

05: Trek from Bamboo to Syafrubesi: 2-3 hours and Drive to Kathmandu: 6-7 hour

Some people inquire if they Langtang Valley Trek solo is possible. Yes, it is possible but it is not recommended. There are some reasons due to which you may encounter with troubles sometimes. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do Langtang Valley Trek Sole. Actually, solo trekkers are not cared much by the local guesthouses/lodges and they are not familiar with the trails and the local culture. It, sometimes, unsafe to trek solo in the mountains, so, we recommend you to take at least guide or porter who will help you in many ways to make your trek convenient and safe. But, yeh, people trek independently in the mountain.

If you hire a guide for Langtang Trek, you will be benefited immensely. You will be told about local culture, people, heritage and civilization. At the same time, you can have the proper information of mountain peaks, weather condition, right preparation, food, accommodation, flora and fauna which solo traveller lacks during the trip.

Langtang valley trek is graded as a moderate trekking in Langtang region. Anyone who has a good level of fitness with the stamina of trekking 5-7 hours can accomplish this trek. No technical skill of trekking or hiking is needed for this trek. Just be confident and get your body ready for hiking or trekking 5-7 hours in the mountain gaining elevation in average 400m and enjoy your Langtang Valley Trek. We will not encounter with any technical, slippery and rocky trails on the way to Langtang Valley.

Gosainkunda Trek marvel with both religious and natural blessings of Langtang region. We begin it from Dhunche and follow the trail to Lauribina. We pass Lauribina and finally get to Gosainkunda passing other kundas ( lakes) like Vairab Kunda. The most important one if Gosainkunda. It is believed that God Shiva came into the lake and breathed his last in it. There is a massive stone in the middle of the lake like a man sleeping. The stone is regarded as Shiva and thousands of Devotees go to offer the prayer. People take holy bath at the lake and offer prayer to god Shiva.

Gosainkunda Trek can be completed in 5 days. We don’t need any acclimatization day for it. Gosainkunda trek is an easy trek in Langtang region. Beginning from Dhunche, it mostly ends at Sundarijal or Helambu. Optionally, you can backtrack along the same trail to Dhunche and take a bus to Kathmandu.

Gosainkunda Trek 6 days Itinerary

Short Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu to Dhunche (2,000m) by drive / 6 hrs drive / Overnight at Hotel

Day 2: Dhunche to Sing Gompa (3,250m) by walk / 5.5 hrs walk

Day 3: Sing Gompa to Gosaikunda (4,380m) by walk / 6hrs walk

Day 4: Exploration day around Gosaikunda or back to Laurebina (3500m)

Day 5: Gosaikunda to Dhunche by walk / 7.5hrs walk / Overnight at Hotel in Dhunche

Day 6: Dhunche to Kathmandu by drive / 6hrs drive / Overnight at Hotel in Kathmandu

The best weather for Langtang Gosainkunda trek is Autumn ( Sep- Nov). Autumn has perfect temperate and the mountain views are astonishing.

Langtang Gosainkunda Trek cost is determined by the following indicators:

  1. TIMS Card and Langtang National Park Entry Permit $50
  2. Guide and Porter hiring cost per days guide $18 and porter per days $16

Putting it altogether

Langtang- Gosainkunda Trek is a moderate trek to explore both beautiful Langtang Valley and holy Gosainkunda. Find a reliable trekking company; pack up the right trekking gear. Accompany with professional trekking guide and porter and make your Langtang –Gosainkunda Trek a magnificent.

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