Kathmandu to Syabrubesi Transport by Jeep Bus

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Kathmandu to Syabrubesi Transport by Bus

The road for Kathmandu to Syabrubesi bus service links all major trekking trails in Langtang Region, i.e. Langtang Valley Trekking, Langtang-Gosainkunda Trekking, Tamang Heritage Trekking, Ice Lake Trekking and Yala Peak Climbing. However, trekkers have to deal with discomfort every day.

Although finding transportation to Syabrubesi is not a trouble, it is a sad fact that there are no luxury transportation services available. The discomfort in Kathmandu  Syaphrubesi Bus Service like congested seating, bad smelling floor, too many passengers as if they are made sheep and goats in the pen.  Not only individual passenger or the trekker face such terrible problems but also the tour and trekking company who are operating their tour and trekking get blamed with terrible comments on trip advisor by the clients due to this filthy bus service from Kathmandu to Syaphrubesi or Dhunche.

Driving distance from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi: 80km

Syabrubesi or Dhunche by Jeep

We get different types of road transportation to get Syabrubesi or Dhunche from Kathmandu. The local bus departs every day in the morning from 7-9 am from Machhapokhari, New Buspark. The cost for the Kathmandu Syaphrubesi bus service varies from 1050-1050 rupees depending upon transportation companies. Optionally, you can skip this local bus with Local Jeep or Private Jeep. You cannot get a car though. For local jeep, an individual has to pay 1000-1200 rupees and for Private Jeep hiring, it cost 16000 rupees which is 150USD. A group of 6-7 members can share this cost.

The condition of the road is poor. The nearer you travel you get the poorer country road. However, the drive will be very exciting. The road from Kathmandu to Trishuli Bazar is concrete but winding narrow country road with a number of narrow bends. After we drive further few minutes ahead from Trishuli Bazar, we get to experience rough country road. On the way, we also experience some huge landslides and steep hills and also some mountain views. We will experience country settlements and the way of life. Do not expect luxury travel or drive today.

Get plenty of water and some snacks with you.

Wear flexible and comfortable clothes since you are going to travel for more than 8 hours.

You might have known that April-2015 Earthquake hit Langtang Trekking Region. A huge devastation occurred in this region. Avalanches fell and swept away the settlements and trekkers. But now, after a joint effort of government and private sector, is okay. Renovation and new constructions works have been running. If fact, this region was officially closed for more than 6 months after the earthquake. Everything is okay now. You can travel guaranteeing your safety.

We can do nothing but we hope that the government of Nepal will consider the problems faced by tourists daily while using bus service from Kathmandu to Syaphrubesi and launch a luxury tourist bus service soon. We really don’t want to see our tourists facing such terrible problems every day and having nasty experience during their holidays in Nepal.

Bus service from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi also connects other major trekking routes in the Langtang region. This road from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi enhances different trekking trails including Langtang Valley Trek, Langtang- Gosainkunda and way to Overland Tibet Tour.  These major trekking trails impart us holistic insights of both the Langtang region and Tibetan side.

Why Langtang Trekking?

The trekkers in Langtang Trekking can experience the following things:

  • Langtang Trekking is a moderate Trekking in Nepal which suits the people of all level
  • Langtang Trekking takes us into the core Tamang settlements and lets us experience their culture and civilization
  • Langtang National Park and its unique species of flora and faunas
  • Astonishing Glaciers and mountain views including Langtang and Lirung
  • Deep Forest, Langtang River and picturesque high pastures

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