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Manaslu Circuit Trekking is widely popular as remote and restricted area trekking in Nepal. A special area trekking permit is required to be obtained for Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Prior trekking or hiking experiences and skills will be an asset to your Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek begins from Kathmandu with a long drive by jeep to Sotikhola or Machhakhola. The road would take us to only Arughat  Bazar previously. But these days, because of the development in road construction in rural areas of Nepal like Sotikhola and Machhakhola. So, these days, we have both local bus service and a private jeep ride to Sotikhola or Machhakhola from Kathmandu. Majority of the trekkers choose to go with the local bus but few trekkers who know about private jeep ride to Sotikhola or Machhakhola go with private jeep ride. Truly speaking, private jeep ride is more convenient than public bus service although it expensive.

How long takes time from Kathmandu to Sotikhola by Jeep

We can get a private jeep for Sotikhola or Machhakhola from Kathmandu which is one of the ways of getting to the trailhead of Manaslu Circuit Trek. We also get a local bus from New Bus Park, Machhapokhari. If you like to go with a private jeep for your Manaslu Circuit, what you go with is 4WD jeep which is especially for an off-road drive. The road from Kathmandu to Dhading Bensi is smooth and concrete. It takes 3-4 hours to get Dhading Bensi from Kathmandu and Dhading Bensi to Sotikhola it takes 3-4 hours But, sometimes, we get huge traffic on the way and may take more hours than expected. So, it is better to depart earlier from Kathmandu.

How much Cost Kathmandu to Sotikhola by Jeep

The same jeep can be shared by 6-7people so that the cost will be divided and can make less payment. The cost for one jeep will be $ 180-$200 till Sotikhola. This cost can be shared if you travelling in a group. This cost doesn’t include you food and drinks on the way. This cost is only for driver, his food and drinks, fuel and the jeep. The road when we get to the remote area gets worse and bumping. However, the experience of riding a jeep on the off road will be astounding.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

This jeep ride to Sotikhola and   Machhakhola connects all trekking trails in Manaslu region like Manaslu Circuit Trek, Manaslu Base Camp Trek, Lower Manaslu Trek and Bimthang Trek. And, whoever goes to make their Manaslu Circuit Trek has to use the same road and has to spend same time duration for jeep drive. But, if you go with public or local bus, it will certainly take longer hours like 7-8 hours. These local buses stop time to time on the way to receive passengers on the way. So, we do not really suggest you to use the local bus for your Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The jeep ride to Sotikhola or Machhakhola is a long ride of 6-7 hours. So, we need to fit ourselves in comfortable clothing. Bring some snacks and water in case you go hungry and thirsty. We do not get any modern restaurants and hotels on the way to Sotikhola from Kathmandu. What we get on the way is normal lodges run by local people and we gonna have Nepali dish on the very day. If you want, you can carry some light snacks to enjoy on the way to Sotikhola.Final Say

Manaslu Circuit Trek

If your are booking your Manaslu Circuit Trek through a trekking company in Kathmandu, you can ask them to arrange you a jeep to Sotikhola or Machhakhola. They also can get you local bus ticket for you. It is very difficult to arrange a jeep for your Sotikhola or Machhakohola ride from Kathmandu by yourself. If you know a travel agent in Nepal, you can take his her help for jeep booking. Be well prepared, expected to share the jeep with other people, experience the thrills of driving on the off road in remote area, and enjoy your Manaslu Circuit Trek. Stay safe and confident.

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