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Are you any planning your Everest Base Camp Trek or any kind of treks in Everest/ Khumbu region? Before venturing onto the Everest region trekking trail, you should know Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Ticket in detail. If you know in detail about it, your entire Everest Base Camp Trek or any other Everest region treks will be memorable and successful because everyone who chooses a trekking or expedition trip in the Everest region worry about Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Ticket. Actually, it is hard to get Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Ticket during peak trekking season in Nepal (Sep-Nov) and there is a maximum chance of flight postponement and cancellation due to bad weather condition of Lukla airport. If the Lukla Flight get postponed or cancelled for 2-3 days, the situation will be more terrible. The trekkers, even, sometimes, are forced to change their trekking trip to other regions. Now, let’s see various aspects of Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Ticket.

How much does a flight to Lukla cost?

One way Lukla Flight from Kathmandu costs $210/- However, the flight cost depends on the airlines you use. Also, the Lukla flight cost goes higher during peak trekking season (Sept-Nov) in Nepal and drops down during off-season (Dec-Feb). There may be slight change on Lukla Flight Cost when there is allocation of the budget by the government of Nepal. Otherwise, it remains fixed.

How long is the flight to Lukla?

The Lukla Flight from Kahtmandu is for 35 minutes one way. The flight takes off from Kathmandu airport, leaves Kathmandu valley, heads to Langtang Himalayan Range and boards to the east. The flight passes through and above beautiful landscapes and mountain panorama till we get Lukla Airport.

What is the baggage allowance for a flight to Lukla?

An individual passenger can have a baggage of maximum 10 kg except hand bag. You can carry your handbag of 5kg

Do I need to print my ticket?

It is not obligatory to print your ticket for Lukla flight. You can show your flight schedule, airlines name and the seat no to the authorized person at airport at departure. You can book your Lukla flight via online and you are sent your ticket through email any other ways which you can show to the concerned persons at the airport. However, printed flight ticket makes your flight convenient which is recommended.

How do I get from Kathmandu to Lukla?

The most common way of getting Lukla is via flight from Kahtmandu. More than 90% trekkers use flight to get Lukla from Kathmandu. However, some of the trekkers choose to trek to Lukla from Salleri. They use Salleri Jeep ride from Kathmandu and walk to Lukla. This way takes longer days to get Lukla or Namche. So, the trekkers go with flight. The flight for Lukla fom Kathmandu is 35 minutes.

Why is Lukla airport so dangerous?

The Lukla Airport is considered to be one of the most dangerous airports in the world. It is because located on rocky base of the mountain in Lukla Town. The planes have to pass through various narrow spaces between or among the hills and mountain to get Lukla airport. There is a big hill just opposite of the airport. And, also the space of the airport is not wide enough to sustain the traffic of planes during peak trekking seasons. Mainly, the unpredictable weather of Lukla airport makes this airport so dangerous.

Kathmandu to lukla flight cost for Indian

There is a slight difference between the Katmandu to Lukla flight cost for foreign travelers and SAARC and Indian traveler. The Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Cost for foreign travelers is $210/-per individual whereas the Kathmandu to Lukla Flight cost for Indian is Rs.15700/- These costs may slightly go up and drop down depending on trekking seasons in Nepal.

Kathmandu to lukla distance

Kathmandu to Lukla distance is 138 km. We can get Lukla by flight from Kathmandu or drive to Jiri/Shivalaya or drive Salleri/ Phaplu. The flight is for 35 minutes which offers us magnificent mountain panorama and landscapes and the drive provides an opportunity to experience rural lifestyle of the people.

Kathmandu to lukla helicopter cost

There is always unpredictability of Lukla flight. We have to check the weather forecast for it. The weather changes every minute. As a result, the Lukla Flights are either postponed or cancelled. Optionally, people choose to go with a helicopter flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. Maximum 7 people can accommodate in one helicopter. Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter cost ranges $450 to $550 the helicopter flight is completely safe even in the bad weather condition.

How often are flights to lukla cancelled?

It is widely known fact that the weather of Lukla is unpredictable. The weather in Lukla changes every minute and hour. So, it is hard to predict the possibility of Lukla flight and weather. However, during autumn and spring, weather in Lukla is fairly good. So, majority of the trekkers make their Everest trekking during either spring or autumn.

But, sometimes, the Lukla weather troubles the travelers severely. It is the fact that the weather gets worse and worse day by day the trekkers are stranded at the airport or in Kathmandu hotel several days. Now, the flights are either cancelled or postponed. So, to avoid this condition, simply check weather condition or weather forecast, then only book your Everest trek or Lukla Flight.

How can I book Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Ticket?

There are various local travel agencies to help you to book Kathmandu to Lukla flight tickets. You can ask them to book it for you will have an electronic copy or printed ticket with you. However, you can book it online too. For this, you can visit the websites of travel companies and ask them through Viber, WhatsApp or email and they will send you the ticket through electronic devices. You can carry it and present it while being boarded to the flight to Lukla in the domestic section of Tribhuvan International airport. Most importantly, if you are traveling in the Everest region during peak trekking seasons in Nepal (autumn and spring), you are suggested to book your Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Ticket earlier. Otherwise, you may not get it comfortably.

What happens if the Lukla flight to Kathmandu is cancelled while coming back from the Everest region?

Yes, not only the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is cancelled or delayed but also the flight from Lukla to Kathmandu while coming back to Kathmandu will be the same case. If the flight from Lukla to Kathmandu is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, you either need to wait in Lukla or you can walk down to Salleri and can have a jeep to Kathmandu. If you choose to wait at Lukla, you can get guesthouses to eat and to stay. You don’t need to worry about it. Or optionally, if your time schedule is tight, then you can ask the trekking/travel company to provide a helicopter for you. So, if you are traveling in the Everest region, you at least have to have 2-3 spare days with you because the Lukla flight is unpredictable.

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