Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal

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Table of Contents

Major Highlights of Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal:-

  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
  • Jungle Walk
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoeing
  • Tharu Cultural Show
  • Elephant Ride and Elephant Bath
  • Jungle Walk (to see Bengali tiger and one-horned rhino)
  • Visit to Crocodile Breeding Centre
  • Visit to Elephant Breeding Centre
  • Exploration of Tiger Territory
  • Rafting in Karnali River: dolphin and crocodile watching
  • Exploration of Tharu Culture (Tharu is the most indigenous people of Nepal)

What Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal like?

Have you ever thought of going to Nepal for a jungle safari tour? Or did you have any idea what Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal is like? We will enlighten you on the topic.

As a matter of fact, Nepal has a predominant fame as a country of mountains in the world. But, a lesser known fact, Nepal also offers an incredible jungle safari experience for the travelers. The national parks in the southern belt of Nepal are popular for jungle safari holidays in Nepal. If you have been to jungle safari tours in any other countries, you may wonder how it feels like to go on a Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal. Although the actual experience may vary from person to person, we are going to put an outline of the experience for you in the post.

Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal

Chitwan National Park, 170 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, and Bardiya National Park, 475 kilometers west of Kathmandu, are the two major national parks where the jungle safari tour takes place. Jungle safari tour has also become an integral part of Nepali tourism activities. The industry has also promoted this activity as a must-do activity in Nepal for an awesome jungle safari experience. The peaceful environment of the forest and the nature inside the park make your time there wonderful. The opportunity to encounter wild animals during the safari is the most charming attraction of the tour. Ultimately, the home to various animals and birds, both national parks bring a fascinating experience of wildlife exploration.

Activities in the Jungle Safari Tour

To explore the jungle and see the wildlife, they have a lot of different activities for the travelers. You can enjoy the elephant back ride and go deeper into the jungle to explore the wildlife. But if you do not like to ride the elephant back, you can also go for a jeep safari tour. Actually, even while the elephant back safari is an interesting activity in Nepal; many people choose to opt out of this activity because of the animal right and non-violence issues. But you can still explore the jungle in a jeep. There is a dugout canoe ride trip in the local small river that is full of crocodiles.

The visit to the elephant breeding center is another attraction in Chitwan National park where you can see some baby elephants. You will also learn about the lifestyle of elephants while you are in the breeding center. A short jungle walk brings you to the peaceful nature inside the forest. Later, you will also go for a cultural show of Tharu people living in the region. Tharus are the ethnic people living near forests since the ancient time.

Things to See in the National Parks

All the activities are to explore the wildlife inside the parks. In fact, everyone who goes for a jungle safari tour has a desire to see the wildlife. The safari activities in the national parks will also bring you face to face with the wild animals. All the activities inside the park will focus on finding more animals and enjoy looking at them.

The exploration brings you near extinct one-horned rhino that will be the major attraction of the trip. Although spotting other animals during the safari tour has an equally exciting charm, finding a one-horned rhino makes the tour incredibly meaningful. There is a high chance to spot a Bengal tiger during the safari activities. Although it is an uncommon thing to spot a tiger easily in the park, it is definitely a possibility. So, keep your eyes open!

Animals like deer, wild boar, monkey, and crocodile are common sightings. You will also spot different species of birds during the activities. Strangely enough, the jungle safari tour will bring you a wonderful time in the jungle even if you have a hard luck to see the animals. But there are lots of common sightings of the animals every day during the tour.


Be it in Chitwan National Park or in Bardia National Park, you will enjoy the wildlife exploration as much as you enjoy anything in your life. The animal sightings will make the safari tour even more wonderful. You will certainly have an awesome time exploring the wildlife in Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal.

Let us know if you have any questions. We will happily answer you.

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