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One needs to know how to prepare for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in order to make it memorable for the lifetime. Prior to the trekking, everyone requires preparing so that they will not encounter with challenges during the trip. Similarly, if you are preparing for Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you have to make some but important preparations to accomplish it successfully.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is popular as the second most preferred trekking in Nepal after Everest Base Camp. Annapurna Base Camp Trek takes us to popular vantage points like Poonhill, Machhapuchhre Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp through magnificent unspoiled mountain trails and traditional settlements.

Actually, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking trail is protected by Annapurna Conservation Area, the largest protected area in the world, where one can experience diverse species of flora and faunas.

Now, the question arises How to Prepare for Annapurna Base Camp Trek so that we won’t have to encounter with any challenges on the trip.

There are a few but important things to do while preparing for Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Let’s see those things in detail.

1. Find a Reliable Trekking Company

The first and the foremost thing to prepare for Annapurna Base Camp Trek is finding a reliable trekking company to operate your trek in Nepal. Actually, we can find numerous local trekking companies on Google and other Social Media, but it is really hard to get a reliable one? So, the question is:

‘How to find a reliable  Trekking company in Nepal ?’

  • Make an extensive research on google
  • Check Tripadvisor
  • Check Social Media like Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook etc.
  •  Check the company’s goodwill and profile

If you deeply consider a particular trekking company reliable to operate your Annapurna Base Camp Trek, make an enquiry and book your trip.

2. Accompany with Professional Guide and Porter

Some people choose to do Independent Annapurna Base Camp Trek some love to do guide Annapurna Base Camp Trek. But, we suggest the trekkers to go with Guided Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Why guided Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

  • The guide will take all the burden of food and accommodation
  • Tells about local culture, flora and faunas, mountain summits etc
  • A professional and experienced guide will make your trek less challenging diverting the possible risks
  • Porter will walk next to you and help you in every step in the mountain
  • Porter will let you feel comfortable by carrying your luggage
  • They will help you in case of emergency on the trail
  1. Choose the best season

Before deciding for a particular trekking trip, we need to find the best time of the year so that we won’t have any inconveniences of weather extremes on the trail. The same rule is applied to Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Autumn (Sep-Nov) is the best season of the year for Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Nepal’s mountain including Annapurna region has a beautiful climate during autumn. The mountain views and landscapes are astounding. The sky is spotlessly clear. The atmosphere is considerably pleasant to make any kind of trekking trip in the mountain. We won’t have any kind of challenges on the trail during our Annapurna Base Camp Trek in Nepal in autumn. Make a search like ‘What is the best season for Annapurna Base Camp Trek before planning your trip.

4. Do short hiking or trekking prior to the trekking

There are several ways of enhancing your stamina for moderate to strenuous trekking. One of the best ways of it is doing short hiking or trekking prior to the longer or challenging trek. We will collect the experience of hitting the off the beaten trails hard which helps us to level up our confidence.

If you are in Kathmandu, you can do Nagarkot-Dhulikhel Hiking, Chisapani Hiking, Shivapuri Hiking and Nagarjun Hiking. But if you are already in Pokhara and planning to do Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you can do Dhampus- Sarangkot Trekking or Ghandruk Trekking prior to it. You will know your stamina and daily working hours.

5.Pack up Right and Reliable Trekking Gear

We cannot imagine a successful accomplishment of a trekking trip without trekking gear. Further, we need to pack the right and reliable gear. Some people have a habit of buying second-hand trekking gear which may not be reliable. So, for Annapurna Base Camp Trek, we need to purchase and pack up the right and fresh or reliable trekking gear. For this, Check our Trekking Gear List.

If you can bring trekking gear from your place, you can do it. If you cannot, you can buy or hire it in Kathmandu or Pokhara. But, prior to your Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you need to make sure that you have purchased and packed right and reliable trekking gear.

See the weather forecast or find the right weather, pack up the right and reliable trekking gear, book your Annapurna Base Camp Trek with reputed local trekking company and make it the experience for the lifetime.

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