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Nepal trekking is synonymous to Himalaya Trekking in Nepal. Himalaya trekking in Nepal is the world purest form of trekking letting us experience the holy Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. This Himalayan trekking to the unspoiled wilderness and landscapes will delight us with marvellous cultural and natural diversity.

Previously, Himalayan trekking in Nepal was popular as camping trekking. Trekkers with the crew members would carry all the required equipment including foodstuffs and they would shelter under the tented camps for overnight stay. But, major trekking regions like Annapurna, Langtang, Everest, Manaslu, Mustang etc are facilitated with local lodges and teahouses which have made the trekkers easy and convenient for Himalayan Trekking in Nepal.

The main objective of Himalaya Trekking in Nepal is to witness snow-fed mountain peaks. Similarly, we also experience authentic culture, civilization, diverse species of flora and faunas and interact with friendly ethnic people.

People may raise the questions for Himalaya Trekking in Nepal like how much is trekking in Nepal? What do you need for trekking in Nepal? When can we trek in Nepal? Can I Trek alone in Nepal? What is the best time for trekking in Nepal?

Now let’s see the facts of the above questions one by one.

How much is trekking in Nepal?

Before getting a factual answer to this question, we need to find the different titles on which we spend our budget. Actually, for a particular trekking trip, we need to spend. Our budget on different titles like guide and porter (if you are doing guided trekking), food and accommodation, trekking gear, extra expenses, tips to the porter and guide.

How much is guide and porter?

Hiring guide costs between USD 20-30 per day and the porter costs USD 20. If you want a porter and a guide for 7 days trek, the cost will be USD 350 in total.

How much does an item of food cost in the mountain?

The cost of the food items vary from place to place in the mountain. Actually, at a lower elevation, the food cost less and it costs more at a higher elevation. The one item of food costs between USD 3-8. Similarly, one beer costs between USD 5-8 in the mountain while trekking in Nepal.

Buying Trekking Gear

There are various trekking gear shops in Kathmandu. Or, you can bring this gear from your own country. But, do not use second-hand trekking gear because they may betray you at any time. They are not reliable at all. So, we suggest you to purchase fresh and reliable trekking gear before making any kind of trekking in Nepal. Actually, it is hard to mention the cost of trekking gear. What kind of trekking do you want? What quality of trekking gear do you want? The cost depends on these things.

We need to buy a down jacket, a pair of hiking or trekking boots, a sleeping bag, some t-shirts, Trekking pants, a hat, sunglasses, backpack bag and the like.

How much to tips to our guide and porter in Nepal?

Tipping is not mandatory but after spending time with the crew members, a tip is expected at the end of trekking trip. A normal rule of tipping is separating USD 5 each day for your guide and porter. You can make a centre collection and handover individually or to the group leader.

Extra Expenses on trekking in Nepal

You may like to purchase something or donate to some organization while making Himalaya trekking in Nepal. At his time, you need some extra expenses which can range between USD 200-300. You can buy the souvenir you like and organize the mini party in the mountain with your crew members.

What do you need for trekking in Nepal?

We need to hire a guide and porter if you are making guided trekking in Nepal. You can also make your trekking trip in Nepal independently. But, you need at least two people and a guide or porter for restricted area trekking like Manaslu Trekking, Makalu Trekking and Upper Mustang Trekking.

Next, we need TIMS card and Permit to a particular area in which you are making your trekking trip in the Himalaya. TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) and permit can be obtained from Nepal Tourism Board office located in Kathmandu. It is located in Bhrikutimandap which is 20 minutes walk from Thamel. We also need to make a prior reservation of a particular trekking trip for Nepal through a trekking company and need to purchase reliable and fresh trekking gear.

When can we trek in Nepal? What is the best time of the year for Trekking in Nepal?

Generally, we can trek in Nepal all round the year. However, autumn and spring are the two best seasons of the year. Majority of trekkers love to trek in Nepal in autumn (Sep-Nov). Autumn is delightful and pleasant. The weather is magnificent. We neither receive rain nor snow. The mountain views are incredible. So, autumn is the best time of the year to trek in Nepal.

Similarly, Spring (Mar-May) is an equally important season to trek in Nepal. Spring is relatively hotter. But, the flowering rhododendron blanketing the trekking trails and the entire hills will be superb. The mountain panoramas are equally breathtaking in Spring.

Can I trek alone in Nepal?

Yes, you can. But, we do not really recommend doing it. Actually, trekking alone in Nepal’s mountain is highly risky. The mountains are wild and any unexpected thing may occur. At this time, we need the support of our group or crew members like guide and porter.

We can’t trek alone in restricted areas of Nepal like Manaslu, Makalu, Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo and the like. We need at least two people for these restricted areas trekking in Nepal.

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