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Experiencing Everest region or Everest is every mountain lover’s dream since Everest is the top of the world. Witnessing Mt. Everest and stepping at the Everest Base Camp is considered to be the most fortunate adventurous task in the lifetime. So, thousands of passionate trekkers and adventure enthusiast’s flock to Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar to witness this top of the world.

Everest Base Camp Experience by Heli Tours

Basically, there are three different ways of experiencing Everest or Everest region. Among all, the first is Trekking. It means we have to make our trekking trip to Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp to Experience Everest or to witness Everest, the top of the world. Everest Base Camp Trekking is a tea house trekking. We use teahouse accommodation during our trip to Everest Camp. We choose the item of the meal according to the items mentioned in the menu by the teahouse where we stay overnight. But, these days, we also get some luxurious hotels on the trail.

Everest Base Camp Trekking itinerary varies from 10-16 days. We can go with any itinerary we like to suit our interest, time frame and budget. Everest Base Camp Trekking begins from Lukla after a short and scenic flight from Kathmandu. The trail gradually takes us to Namche and finally to Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp via Tengboche, Lobuche and Gorekhshep. We backtrack following the same trail to Lukla and again take a short flight to Kathmandu to end our trek.

Everest Base Camp Flight by Heli Tours

Another attraction of Everest Base Camp Trekking is Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the national park located at the highest elevation of the world. We enjoy seeing unique and endangered species of flora and faunas during our trek to Everest Base Camp. At the same time, we experience magnificent Sherpa land and yak pastures.

Secondly, we have mountain flight to experience Everest or Everest Region. Mountain flight takes place every day from Kathmandu airport to mesmerizing mountain panorama in Everest region. We witness Mt. Everest, the top of the world and other alluring mighty peaks towering to the sky. Every passenger in the flight guaranteed a window facing to the mountain so that they can capture mountain peaks in their cameras.

Mountain flight is operated by different airline companies like Yeti Airlines, Buddha air, Simrik Airlines per person one hour flight cost $195. It is completely safe to take this flight to Everest. These planes operating mountain flights are smaller planes adjusting 30-35 people at once. It will be a great experience.  The cost for Mountain Flight is $195 per individual.

Thirdly or finally, we can experience Everest by Helicopter tour. Everest Heli tour is a popular day tour in Nepal. One helicopter can be shared by 3-4 people and the Everest Base Camp Heli Tour costs per person around $1050 to $ 1150.The take-off takes from Kathmandu airport. We slowly fly to Langtang Mountain range. Next, we fly to Everest region and land at Syangboche. We are equipped with some snacks and oxygen and head to Everest Base Camp. We again land at Everest Base Camp and celebrate astonishing mountain views including the top of the world, Mt. Everest. We finally fly back to Kathmandu to end out Everest Heli Tour.

Everest Base Camp Experience by Heli Tours

Everest mountain flight and matter of witnessing giant mountain peaks including the top of the world. Everest Mountain flight and Everest Heli Tour both are the best ways of experiencing Everest escaping long and tiring trekking for two weeks. Thus, the things you should not miss while you are in Nepal trip is either Everest Mountain flight or Everest Heli Tour.  Both flights offer you the most spectacular experience of Everest region in your life.

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