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Boating in Nepal is one of the most exciting activities to do. Nature has gifted numberless lakes natural lakes and rivers in Nepal. Most of the lakes and rivers source to the mountains and glaciers. These lakes provide us an opportunity for boating, fishing and angling and so on. Some of the lakes like Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, and Rupa Lake offer us an opportunity of boating. These all three lakes located in Pokhara.

Similarly, some of the famous rivers in Nepal like Rapti and Narayani Rivers located in the lowland Terai region also provides the travelers to experience boating and canoeing.

Boating in Phewa Lake

Lake Phewa is located in Pokhara. We can get Pokhara by flight or drive from Kathmandu. Other cities like Chitwan, Butwal, and Bhairawa also connect Pokhara. Pokhara is one of the fascinating tourist destinations in Nepal. It is well known for its serene lakes. Among these peaceful lakes in Pokhara, the most famous is Phewa Lake. The lake makes an island and there is a Barahi temple on in it.

This serene Phewa lake offers an excellent experience of water boating in Nepal. The surrounding of the lake is enriched with deep and lush forest. We also can have an insight of vegetations, birds, and wildlife during the boating.

Boating in Begnas Lake

Begnas Lake is the second most popular lake in Pokhara for boating. Not only it is popular for boating, it is also popular for fishing. We see some local people enjoying fishing here. At the same time, we can witness Mountain View too.

This lake is less crowded and calmer than Phewa Lake. Begnas Lake offers us an astounding experience of boating in Nepal.

Boating in Rupa Lake

Boating in Rupa Lake is another attraction to the travelers who come to visit Pokhara. Actually, this lake is a watershed. Therefore, we can experience enchanting greenery around it. Along with boating, one can witness various species of fishes and also we can see mountain views.

Boating in Rara Lake

Rara is the biggest lake in Nepal located in Mugu district.The mesmerizing surrounding of the lake fascinate thousands of tourists here every year. Boating witnessing astonishing mountain vistas will be a memorable experience.

Boating in Phoksundo

Phoksundo Lake is located in Dolpa district. It is one of the mountainous districts of Nepal. This lake invites to experience the of bliss boating witnessing mountain panorama around it.

Boating/ Canoeing in Rapti River

Canoe Ride along the Rapti River in Chitwan will be an experience of worth. This canoeing or boating provides an excellent opportunity to view various species of birds to bird watchers and 2 rare species of crocodiles i.e. the Marsh Mugger and Gharial. This boating is a part of Chitwan activities.

Boating/ Canoeing in Narayani River

Narayani River is located in Nawalparasi district of Terai region. This river will be a rewarding destination for boating lovers on the freshwater. At the same time, we can experience some species of flora and faunas.

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