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Bhutan is worth visiting. Like Nepal and Tibet, Bhutan offers spectacular tours and trekking in the cities and in the Himalayas. People across the world keep Bhutan tour in their bucket list and looking forward to the right time to do. While they are undertaking the Bhutan tour, they get mesmerized to experience the serene and traditional cities, marvelous monasteries and their architectures, popular hiking trails, awe-inspiring landscapes, mountain panorama and the valleys. Moreover, visitors are delighted to meet the happiest people of the world during their Bhutan tour. Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Taksang Monastery also known as Tiger’s Nest and other numerous nunneries and monasteries are the major highlights of Bhutan tour.

Bhutan Tours

Bhutan Cultural Tour, Bhutan Package Tour, Bhutan Budget Tour, 2 nights 3 days Bhutan Tour, 3 nights 4 days Bhutan tour, 4 nights 5 days Bhutan Tour and 5 nights 6 days Bhutan Tour are popular Bhutan tour itineraries among the travelers. They can find the best option of their choice and celebrate their beautiful holiday tours in Bhutan.

Highlights of Bhutan Tours

  • Authentic Buddhist Culture and Civilization
  • Holy and Historical Monasteries
  • Thimpu, the capital city, Punakha Valley, Paro and popular Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Lush rhododendron and unspoiled trekking trails in the Himalayas
  • Unique cultural and religious festivals like Black Necked Crane Festival, Tsechu Festival and many more
  • Snow fed mountains like Mt. Jomholari and other alluring peaks
  • Serene streets, monuments, happy people , cool air and beautiful souvenirs to buy

Before undertaking a particular Bhutan tour package, we should know a few things which are very important during your Bhutan Tour.

What is the best time to visit Bhutan?

People can visit Bhutan throughout the year. However, people look for the best time to celebrate their holidays in Bhutan. Time and the weather condition matter a lot during a holiday trip wherever you go. So, the best time to visit Bhutan is between Jan-May. This time is perfect to visit Bhutan in the sense that the weather and the atmosphere are very pleasant. It is magnificent to spend the time with people and the nature between Jan- May. If people can not schedule their vacation for Bhutan tour between Jan-May, What is the second best season to visit Bhutan? may be the another question.

Bhutan Tours

June- Aug is the second best time to visit Bhutan. The weather and the atmosphere is equally as perfect as the weather between Jan-May.

Why is Bhutan so expensive?

Visiting Bhutan is relatively expensive that visiting other Asian countries like Nepal and India. Actually, Bhutanese Government has a strategy to protect nature and cultural heritages in a sustainable way. For this the government has placed a minimum fee of around $200 USD per day per person in low season and $250 USD per day per person during high season for visitors to Bhutan. Naturally, this makes your trip to Bhutan remarkably expensive.

Secondly, while visiting Bhutan, travelers have to buy a package tour which includes all required things for them like accommodation, food  and transportation. We cannot buy only transportation or accommodation while travelling Bhutan. Buying a package tour which includes everything you need for your stay tends to make your Bhutan tour expensive.

How many days should I spend in Bhutan?

Actually, this is very tough question to have an exact answer. However, spending 3-4 nights in Bhutan will be perfect to explore the major highlights. These major highlights include Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Taksang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) and holy and historical monasteries. We all know that spending weeks in a country exploring a few things will be very boring during the tour. So, this article suggests you to go with the Bhutan Tour Itinerary with 3-4 nights.

How much does it cost to travel to Bhutan?

First, we have to obtain visa to enter Bhutan. For this we need pay $40 as visa fee. After entering Bhutan, each individual traveler requires to pay US$250 per person per day (US$200 a day from December to February and June to August). If you are in a group of one/two, you need to pay with a US$40/30 as surcharge per person This covers accommodation, transport in Bhutan, a guide, food and entry fees.

Is Bhutan safe for tourists?

Bhutan is completely safe for tourists. Bhutan underwent a few conflicts and warm in the past, but now all people live in harmony sharing the common cultures. People have complete religious and cultural tolerance in Bhutan. There is no any kind of conflict and violence in Bhutan right now. So, Bhutanese people are known as the happiest people in the world. Travelers do not need to worry about any kind of attack or violence during Bhutan tour. Violence is always discouraged since the majority of people are the followers of Buddhism. Peace and brotherhood are two major principles of the people of Bhutan.

Can you go to Bhutan without a tour?

Only valid nationals with valid passport of India, Bangladesh, and The Maldives can travel to Bhutan without a tour plan. No citizens from other countries can travel Bhutan without pre-arranged tour plan.

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