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When you plan to visit Nepal, the first thing you wonder, most probably, is ‘what are the things to do in Nepal?’

It is natural for the travellers to want to know the things to do in Nepal beforehand if they are planning to travel to Nepal. When people think of Nepal, most of them think Nepal to be the country of mountains. They also think that Nepal is only a trekking destination. But the truth is Nepal has so much more than trekking to offer to travellers while they are here. It will be an unjust thing to call Nepal only a trekking destination but we understand trekking in Nepal certainly has overshadowed other attractions.

So, we thought let the travellers know about things to do in Nepal and have prepared this post. This post has a list of things to do in Nepal in addition to the trekking adventure.

List of things to do in Nepal


The identity of Nepal in the world travel market is as a trekking destination. It certainly had to be an obvious truth since tourism in Nepal started with mountaineering expeditions after the conquest of Mt. Everest in 1953. Before that time, Nepal was an unknown part of the world to most of the world population. As a matter of fact, trekking has a huge share in the Nepali tourism industry. Beautiful Himalayan peaks and other wonderful mountains of Nepal have been attracting hundreds of thousand trekkers from around the world every year.


Cultural Tour

You will learn the fact, when you come here, that Nepal is not only a trekking destination but also a great cultural hub. Although Nepal is a small country in area, its diverse nature and culture are incredibly rich. Nepal is home to multiple ethnicities that practice a distinct culture, language, and lifestyle to each other. Indulging in the cultural exploration in Nepal is one of the best travelling experiences. You will get to know so many different cultural wonders in a small area and within a short time frame.

Enthralling Adventure Activities

Another thing to do in Nepal is Adventure activities. In addition to trekking and cultural tour, Nepal offers incredible adventure activities to the travellers. You can experience the joy of flying like a bird in a paragliding as well as a daredevil bungee jump off a suspension bridge or a crane. Rafting adventure is also an equally thrilling adventure to do while you are in Nepal. You can also go for other activities like zip flying, ultra-light flight, and Everest mountain flight to feel the thrill of adventure.

Day Hiking

Day hiking in Nepal is another fascinating activity that you can do while you are in Nepal. There are several beautiful day hiking trips around Kathmandu and Pokhara. These trips can be a great add-on on your main trip to Nepal. A day hiking trip in Nepal takes you to lush nature and beautiful cultural villages. It is also a peaceful day out with wonderful experience to cherish. Of many different things to do, you will find day hiking to be an awesome way of making your holiday great.

Mountain Biking

The topographical terrain of Nepal makes mountain biking in Nepal a great adventure. Mountain Biking definitely is another thing to indulge in the wonderful atmosphere of Nepal. You can go for a day biking trip to multiple-day mountain biking trip to different destinations in the mountains. From single tracks downhill to uphill and easy dirt road biking, the experience is simply awesome. This activity will make your time in Nepal full of adventure thrills.

Day Tours

Day tours in Nepal also make a great add-on in your main trip to Nepal. These tours are great ways of understanding the culture, history, art, and architecture of Nepal in a day. You should definitely take a day tour, especially in Kathmandu, if your main trip doesn’t include in the itinerary. You will get to see the inspiring lifestyle of local people, observe the skills of artisans living in Kathmandu, and spirituality in abundance.

Jungle Safari Activities

Last on the list but not the least is Jungle safari activities. This beautiful exploration of the wildlife in the national parks of Nepal makes it a lovely holidaying in nature. This activity will also bring you the chance to see different wild animals as well as enjoy the nature. Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are the two great places to go for jungle safari activities in Nepal. You can spend 2-4 days to explore the jungle and surroundings.

Although we have listed only 7 things to do in Nepal, you will find every step in Nepal is a wonder. To include all the things to do in Nepal, this short post will fall short of space. We can write a book on the topic. But, we really hope that this post gives you some basic idea of what you can do in Nepal when you travel there.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the things to do in Nepal and other Nepal travel related questions.

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